It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start Yoga

Blessing Oshin November 13, 2012 0

*As a side note – I am starting to blog again after a short hiatus (more on that later). Join me on this new hobby of mine – YOGA!

dreamstimefree_60308-768x1024Six months ago, I suffered a huge deal of pain physically, emotionally, physiologically and psychologically. I started working out like crazy and lost 20 pounds in less than a month. I started running again and it seemed like I could never stop running, like something was chasing me each time I ran. I have since slowed down, and learned to enjoy my run. However, I discovered yoga just recently and I wondered why it took me so long to discover this beneficial way of life. As a working mom, a single mom if I may add (more on that as well later….), you may wonder how I fit running, doing yoga and the enormous planning it takes to eat healthy into our (myself and my daughter) into my schedule, but I do!

Starting yoga was a huge incentive for me, in addition to my healthy lifestyle. Yoga has a way of calming the nerves, stretching the muscles, putting pressure on the bones on the hips, thighs and spine! All of which is important for balance, a sense of wholesomeness, a connection with your inner body. It also forced me to reflect on my own inner values, spirituality, as I join my hands together, take a deep breathe and force my mind to wander in search of positive emotions, outcomes and a gentle prayer for newness and renewal.

Yoga, of course comes in different format. My favorite is the ‘Warm and Gentle Yoga’ for now, since I am a beginner, this helps increase circulation, flexibility and endurance. I hope to advance to Hot Yoga and Bikram very soon, but for now, I am enjoying the simplicity of Gentle Yoga.

And I know that as a working mother, yoga may not fit into your schedule, however, it may be exactly what you need to slow your body down, and appreciate the vitality of life that your body contains. One of the many benefits of yoga of course is that it increases your longevity as each position eliminates toxins and renews your muscles and spirit.

Luckily, there are tons of yoga locations available in most towns and cities. And you can also find yoga DVDs that could really come in handy if you are crunched for time.

Do you love yoga? How else do you think anyone can benefit from Yoga?


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