Working Class Ladies: We Wear the Pants Too

Blessing Oshin February 4, 2013 1

As a working mother, my style is very important to me. It is cold outside and this is the time of the year trust me to cover up even if you hate to. Personally, I could live in shorts for the rest of my life if winter didn’t exist. So yeah, that song by Jennifer Hudson on acting like a woman but think like a man would be act like a man, think like a woman for me.
This outfit was assembled by the fabulous Ms. Rachel over at Fashion’s Row. She is my sister, so she knows me too well hence this outfit.
Working Class Ladies by fashionsrow featuring stretchy jeans

Coast satin top
$105 -

Warehouse belted coat
$87 -

Jigsaw stretchy jeans
$130 -

Givenchy leather handbag
$2,410 -

Kate Spade sunglasses
Have a great week ahead ladies, dress warm and be sure to put on some pants!

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  1. Daria February 5, 2013 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    I love these boards for assembling outfits – so fun!

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