Holiday Dinner….Working Mom Style

Blessing Oshin December 10, 2012 0

2012 is almost over and I am just now having fun? I am so excited about life, my daughter, my career, my new almost-single life and everything else in between if you know what I mean. But none of this would be possible without my amazing friends. They are my support, my rock. They helped me up so many times, and they never complained, not even once. So, I decided to host them for dinner just to show my appreciation for sticking with me despite my failings. Not many people will be there for you, so I have learned to appreciate those that are present in my life as often as I can.

The table was set similar to last year, I switched things up a little bit with the gold chargers. I also did not get much wine since my friends promised to show up with wine, dessert, and Nespresso – everything that puts a party over the edge. We had a really great time. I must confess that I have never felt this happy since separating from my husband. I would definitely rank this right next to the Vegas trip with these ladies too. And I should probably write a blog post about ‘friendship’ and the impact it has on overall well-being. It’s a give and take relationship just like any other relationship but the benefits are subtle but make big differences in our lives. And it is only as good as the amount of work and effort you put into it, again just like any other relationships.

Our kids all play well together, so it makes for a very fun night. Luckily the play room is located upstairs and they sometimes migrate there and wander back down, but for the first time, I was grateful for that playroom location.



As a working mother, planning an holiday dinner can be very nerve-wracking. I had to clean, grocery shop, align furnitures properly, cook and get things ready for my guest. But luckily I have great friends who dont mind my deficiencies. They are career-oriented women as well, so they know how hard it is to balance everything with a toddler in tow. After all the cooking and entertaining with gift wraps everywhere, you can imagine how chaotic my house was with five toddlers. We all cleaned together, over coffee.

At the end of the night, it was great to relax with a glass of wine, editing pictures and gently whispering a thank-you to the universe. I survived Holiday Dinner party all on my own, and it feels good. My daughter was there to help of course, until she fell asleep on the stairs that is!

In other note, tons of holiday party to attend this month, I declined a few, but there are some I just cannot miss. Matter of fact, there is one tonight for our Women’s Network!

Do you host Holiday Parties? How do you prepare for it?


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