Working Mom Weekend Breakfast Chat #1

Blessing Oshin January 26, 2013 0


Because I spend so much time making breakfast on weekends, I decided to share some of those healthy foods and recipes with you as well as, chat a little bit about good reads over the weekend.


I love pancakes and I make them all the time, however my daughter specifically asked for waffles. I didn’t have enough time as I was dashing to body combat and body pump in less than 30-minutes, so waffles in a wafflemaker sounded like a good plan to me. We chit-chatted of course while making waffles.


My 3 year-old loves to cook with me. So when we are in the kitchen, we talk mostly about ingredients and why we use them. For this waffle, I did not make it from scratch. However all of my ingredients were all organic.



1 cup buttermilk oatmeal

1 cup whole grain flour

1 large egg

1 tbsp olive oil

1 cup milk



Pour all ingredients into a bowl, stir rigorously for 1 minute.

Pour into waffle maker and allow waffle to become golden brown.

Serve with fruits, scrambled egg and choice of juice.


During the week, I never get to make breakfast for my daughter, so I make it a priority on weekends. She loves it equally and always look forward to them. And I think it also makes her appreciate my cooking more. She says thank you and helps me clean up. I just loved that as a working mother, I can do this with her without feeling rushed.


Some Good Reads this week:

A Mothers Worst Enemy is Another Mother by Central Jersey Working Mom

To Shower or Not to Shower by Liberating Working Moms

Working Mothers Beginning to Take Over Role of Household CFO by JP Morgan Chase

Being a Successful Working Mother means Taking Time for Yourself by KSL

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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