A Working Mom’s Fear After Sandy Hook Shooting

Blessing Oshin December 15, 2012 1


I am shattered, furious, irritated, frustrated, and grieved by the heinous act yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I was heartbroken, and did nothing to fight back tears yesterday as the news poured in. I was on my way to Kent State University to pick my sister up from school and a good friend was going to pick Camille from pre-school in time for dinner. All I wanted to do was stop everything to hug my daughter. My emotions were all over the place as I tried to figure out what I would have felt if I was one of the parents whose child was shot straight in the head at school like they were in a war zone. Even soldiers sent to war, have a fair grounds of fighting with weapons while defending themselves, these kids had nothing, but innocent eyes scared to pieces by this horrific and wicked soul. I just cannot imagine what was going through their minds, heart and souls. I just cannot bear to see the horrors in their face and how almost unreal this felt to them. How could five year olds fathom their lives ending this way? How? Christmas is only days away and tons of presents, love & joy waiting to be unwrapped are now turned into a reminder of what’s missing, a child. A beautiful, talented, amazing, loving, creative, energetic, and loved C H I L D. My heart breaks even more for typing this. I just cannot imagine any bigger sorrow.

But that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this because I am scared. While watching the news last night, I saw parents cladded in their coats, rushing straight from their workplace in search of their beloved child(ren). And it dawned on me that these are not the only people traumatized from this experience, I am too! Gone are the days when a phone call from school could be a child falling off the table or a skinned knee, a phone call from school could very well be a shooting and it could happen to anyone, anywhere. Every single day when we all come back home from work or school is a tremendous blessing, it is a huge miracle.

I pray for everyone affected by the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and I hope that you will smile again soon. I pray that you will be comforted, and I hope that you know how much the entire nation grieve with you at this moment, knowing that we MUST ACT. We must do something around gun control, mental health, bringing America closer to God and not away from it.

Every chance we get, let us remind our loved ones how much we love and care about them. EVERY MOMENT COUNTS. Life is unforgiving, and knows not who is young or old. Let us love relentlessly and pray for those who need love in their lives, so they don’t become the next perpetrator of evil.

God be near. Help us.

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  1. Barbie December 15, 2012 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    I too am a working mom and realize this could have easily happened at my son’s school. It’s so scary to send our children off to school these days. I am praying that God will helps us to not be fearful. I am praying for these families. I cannot imagine!

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