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Blessing Oshin November 18, 2012 2

cabiToday, I feel good

so beautiful, so happy, so content

I got up to the scents of soft baby fingers grazing my face

To the scents of apple cider candle in my warm cozy room

As the day begun, and fresh bread makes it way out of my oven

I hummed to “faithful” God as music fills the house

Nothing compares to this state of mind

To this sudden wave of happiness and gratitude I feel

And watching my little girl ride her bike in the living room

Looking up for my approval, but I smile just glad to see her so happy

When life is this full of energy and love, why stop it?

We slowly baked banana muffins and held each others hands

As we stared together into the lighted oven

And when the kitchen timer beeped

we hurried and packed our muffins headed to brunch with friends

These friends, we are so blessed to have

They love us to the moon and

we love them to the moon and back

Pancakes have never tasted so good

With scrambled eggs and turkey sausages

What’s even better is laughing over good food

with friends and our beautiful kids

The sun was out and we hurried back to our friends deck

Staring out into the woods at the nature, and how amazing it was

And after a few hours of laughter outdoors

We hurried to Hot yoga

Yoga they say eases the mind and strengthens the soul

Oh, that saying has never been truer

It was intense hot body movements

But the benefits were worth it

Today, I feel so good, so happy

Today, I feel so much better

Photo cred: cabi.com




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  1. Vidya Sury November 19, 2012 at 6:37 am - Reply

    I am happy for you. This post made me feel good as I go through something similar almost every day!

    Love, Vidya

    P.S. Missed your photos here, though :-)

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