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I am so excited to having you join the growing leadership here at Working Mom Journal.

Working Mom Journal is a Life Hack for Working Moms. This online magazine is for every working mom who wants to continue to excel at home and in the workplace. Readers visit WMJ for a common purpose – to engage in real time conversation around issues that women face while juggling a career and a home. Writing for WMJ exposes you to our eager readers, who visit regularly. We are a community of women who talk career, relationships, family and money. We deliver practical tips that help create a beautiful life that supports both you, your family and your career.


1. WMJ Guest Contributor

Here are a few guidelines to bear in mind before writing a guest post:

  • Article length should be between 500 and 1000 words.
  • All articles should come with at least one photo. You can get one under Creative Commons onmFlickr
  • Article must be related to any of our menu topics – Juggling career & motherhood, WAHM, Home & Organizing tips, Finances, Investing Strategies, etc.
  • Articles must be properly worded, and edited for sentence, brevity and relevancy
  • Keep the tone of the article professional. A little bit of humor could help
  • All articles must end with a bio and link to website/blog and social media
  • Copyright ultimately belongs to the author, but we reserve rights to use and refer to articles published here on WMJ
  • Your blog post may also be compiled into an ebook someday and you will be credited of course!


  • Submit post in Microsoft Word, and attach all files in the email
  • Please email them to info@workingmomjournal.com
  • Include the email address you use for your gravatar