First Christmas Carol

Blessing Oshin December 21, 2012 0

8291920903_4e6bce07d5_zMy 3-year old daughter loves Christmas. She really enjoys the upbeat-ness of the season and loves to put up the tree lights and ornaments. This year, our tree was up on Thanksgiving, way too early for me, but exciting for her. I have to admit, seeing her face lit up when the tree was up melted all my worries about having to plan for Christmas this early, and right after Thanksgiving too. Somehow, we made it through and Christmas will be here in 3 days, woo hoo!

Camille goes to Christian school, so of course its required that they celebrate Christmas, right? I think all school celebrate Christmas, I certainly hope so. Because it’s been nothing but love, joy and happiness reflecting from these kids faces. Every time I walk into their classrooms, there is a craft, rehearsal, or a Christmas related activity going on. The kids hug each other and chat about their tree, ornaments, presents and outfits. I just love love seeing their wonderful faces.

So you can tell how excited I became when Camille told me she would be in the Christmas Carol choir singing “Jingle Bells, Silent Night and We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. My heart expanded, I have never seen her face lit up that much. She really felt like she was part of something important and she was even more happy that it was a song meant for baby Jesus and the world. It warms my heart to see my daughter sharing the news of Christ’s birth.

On the day of the carol, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what she was going to wear or if she was going to actually sing. My daughter is very outspoken but she has ‘stage fright’. She loves to be the center of attention at home or anywhere else except with tons of strangers. So, I quickly reminded myself to not act disappointed if she does not sing. I do recognize that I am a tiger mom and anything short of perfect is almost annoying to me. So, I gently whispered to myself that she is only three, and its not going to be the end of the world if she refuses to sing.

I invited our close family friend along for the special occasion and even though they were heading out back home to the Nederlands the very next day, they braved the cold weather to see my lovely daughter. I am so blessed to have them.

The event started with the infants, who were so adorable in their Christmas Play of “Jesus born in a Manger”. And then followed the twos, threes and then fours and fives – Camille’s class. Note that Camille is not yet four but she is reading and writing already, and after a Qualitative Assessment was advanced to the next class. I am so proud of her.

Here are the four and fives & other pictures from the day. Camille is in the gold dress/red cardigan. Others are family and friends.



It was a pleasant day for me, and she had a blast. She was a little shy with all the strangers but that was okay. We discussed it and she really wanted to be up there with her friend she said. But, I am still super proud of my baby girl. I am so blessed.

Did you attend a Christmas Program for any of your loved ones this season? How was it?

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