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dreamstimefree_247886-1024x680Cooking well-balanced, delicious meals requires thoughtful planning and fresh ideas (not to mention time and money), so it’s no wonder modern women need a little (or a lot) of help to get it done. A huge number of circumstances work against today’s cooks in their efforts to provide good food for their families, such as hectic jobs and activity schedules and/or budget constraints. Here we’ve compiled some tips for ensuring that the modern lady is able to enjoy putting good food on the table.

Plan meals a week ahead and shop for that week’s groceries in one trip

As anyone who has frantically searched his or her cabinets deciding on a meal can attest, planning what you will prepare sometimes takes longer than actually preparing it. When you plan ahead, you can also plan according to what’s in season, what’s on sale at the grocery store, what coupons you have, or what your week’s schedule looks like. This will definitely save the modern lady time, money, and headaches.

Invest in kitchen appliances that will save time and provide a wider range of cooking options

Investing in good quality appliances like crock pots, griddles, roasting pans, and blenders will ensure that you can vary your cooking methods and dishes without sacrificing time. Crock pots in particular can be a busy chef’s best friend, since you can throw ingredients in before work and come home to the delicious aroma of a ready-to-eat meal.

Prepare food in advance and freeze it until you’re ready to cook with it

You might have to spend some time chopping and slicing in advance, but this tip will ultimately save loads of time during a busy working week. Fill a gallon-sized zip lock bag with the ingredients you want in your crock pot dish or stir-fry and stash them in the freezer until you’re ready to pour them out to cook.

Buy a versatile ingredient in bulk and experiment with different preparation methods

Buying meat such as chicken or pork, or a starch such as potatoes, in bulk, can be a great idea for a tight budget thanks to the many different ways each ingredient can be prepared without growing too repetitive. Potatoes in particular can be a great buy because they can be prepared mashed, baked, scalloped, sliced into wedges, or quartered.

Involve the whole family or whole groups of friends in a night of cooking fun

Turn an otherwise typical dinner into a fun culinary adventure with a make-your own pizza, or omelette, or salad night. Have each person choose or contribute a key ingredient to complement the basic elements of the dish. Family and friends will love the quality time together and it certainly takes the pressure off the primary cook. Just make sure the inevitable clean-up job is a group effort as well.

Cooking doesn’t have to be yet another mundane task to fill the modern lady’s schedule. Rather, with some thoughtful planning and shopping, cooking can provide opportunities for creativity, ease of preparation, experimentation with new methods or ingredients, and family bonding time.

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