ChildCare Nutrition Fiasco and Nightmares

Blessing Oshin January 29, 2013 1


This week we are getting ready to go to SnowShoe Mountain and I am very excited. We rented a house up on the mountain and myself and my daughter will be skiing for the first time, wish me luck. The major problem was my lack of skiing gear and as a facebook veteran, I posted my ski outfit inadequacies and got a few response from friends. Somehow this friend who is also a co-worker had problems getting the clothes to me and I completely understand since she also is a working mom (a fellow co-worker actually) and has a toddler. However when she finally made it to my office with the outfit, she looked exactly how I look when I have had a very busy day at home, work, and just about everywhere else. I quickly vacated a seat and told her to take a seat so we could chat a little bit. Because, well, that is what friends are for right?

Her complaint was her son’s daycare and how the nutrition there are completely inadequate – think pop tarts. I immediately widened my eyebrows, not surprised, but glad that someone else in this little town of ours finally understands my plight. The truth is, my daughter has being to said daycare for about two months and I had to remove her abruptly because they failed miserably in the “meals” department. Their regular staples were sodas, poptarts, french-fries and other gross foods I will choose not to mention!

The main gripe I have with daycares and preschools are these:

  • If you cannot afford to keep my child warm on cold days, then you have major issues!
  • If you are ordering your food from a FastFood, then my child is completely out, there are no questions about it!If you cannot offer something as simple as dairy, fruits, yoghurts, cereal for breakfast then you should consider babysitting.
  • If you do not have enough staff to keep an eye on all of the kids under your care whose parents work hard to bring them to your facility, be sure to turn in your childcare license.
  • If I come back and my child’s nose is as snotty as heck with layers of dried mucus that have not being wiped for hours, then we are going to have a conversation.

I could go on and on but I won’t because I know that these people are not their parents. And the reality remains that childcare remains unstandardized in this country and it shouldn’t be so. These are kids, our loved ones entrusted to your hands. You smile when we come to tour your facility, you quickly clean up and act all nice. You show us a completely different menu than what you actually serve.

Luckily my friend found a better childcare with much credibility and my daughter loves her pre-school of 18 months and counting now. She made lots of friends that she can’t dream leaving and the teachers/staff are all nice. They also have a modern kitchen with a chef that cook of their meals and even offer organic options when available.

So, there you have it! Have you ever had any problems with choosing a childcare? What were your experiences?

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  1. Daria January 30, 2013 at 1:12 pm - Reply

    I’ve never had stories like that, but finding a reputable daycare is a huge sense of relief for a working mom. They have our kiddos more than we do on workdays most times (awake time anyway). It’s important to find a place you trust.
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